Our own bakery

The Bakery


Our bread culture

What smells more magnificent than bread that has just come out of the oven? Upon entering DasPosthotel, guests will be immediately greeted by tempting aromas. In the new lobby with a green tile stove from the 17th century, there are freshly baked treats everyday: farmhouse bead and "Guglhupf" (Bundt cake).

The recipe for this has been passed down from generation to generation at DasPosthotel and has remained unchanged to this day. That's why it is so delicious.

Bread is the oldest food prepared by man. You don't need a lot to make good bread. The ingredients should be as natural as possible. This is one of the secrets as to why our bread tastes so original and rustic. High-quality raw materials such as the finest Tyrolean organic rye and wheat, coriander, caraway, and fennel, as well as water from the Zillergrund are carefully processed and made into dough. The dough is then lovingly shaped to form braided bread, loaves, and rolls.