Golf: The golf course is 9 km away from our Hotel

Golf in the Zillertal

Zillertal - Uderns Golf Club

Scorekarte Golfclub Uderns/Zillertal

During their future vacations in Zillertal, golf fans will be able to enjoy teeing it up accompanied by beautiful views: The first golf course in Zillertal is just 9 km from DasPosthotel. Nestled in Zillertal's mountain world is Zillertal Uderns golf club on around 65 hectares of land.

A practice facility with covered tees and short-game area along with Zillertal golf school are all open. Our ZillerLodge, lies next to the 4th tee, an incomparably beautiful place to stay if you are looking for a timeout close to the greens - and also yet another ZillerSeason.

Logo Golfclub Zillertal/Uderns
  • Rating: Par 71
  • Tees: yellow: 5,615 m * white: 5,850 m
  • Ladies/Men's (yellow) CR 69.8/Slope 116

Other golf courses nearby

Achensee Golf Club

ca. 35 km from the Posthotel lies one of the most beautiful golf courses in Austria. The 18-hole Achensee golf course in Pertisau was selected as Golf Course of the Year in 2010 - and rightly so! Enjoy unique tee shots between Alpenpark Karwendel and the shores of the Achensee.

Logo Golfclub Achensee
  • Rating: Par 71
  • Men's Tees: 6,018 m/5,624 m * Ladies' Tees: 5,727 m/4,887 m
  • CH Men's CR 72.6/Slope 123 * Men's CR 70.8/Slope 125
  • CH Ladies' CR 74.1/Slope 127 * Ladies' CR 71.9/Slope 125

Mittersill-Stuhlfelden Golf Club

ca. 55 km from the Posthotel. Hop in the car and head along the beautiful Gerlos Alpine Road, past Krimml Waterfalls to Mittersill, where a delightful golf club with a charm all its own, friendliness and great dining awaits you! The mountain world of Hohe Tauern National Park flanks the flat grounds of the 18-hole golf course.

Logo Golfclub Mittersill-Stuhlfelden
  • Rating: Par 70
  • Men's Tees: 5,720 m * Ladies' Tees: 5,056 m
  • Men's (yellow) CR Rating 69.6/Slope 121
  • Ladies' (red) CR Rating 70.9/Slope 124

Wilder Kaiser Golf Club, Ellmau

Ca. 60 km from the Posthotel. The beautifully maintained 27-hole Wilder Kaiser Golf Course spans some 88 hectares, a rocky massif rising up truly majestically above. 3 x 9 holes (courses Ellmau, Wilder Kaiser and Tirol), combinable however you please, offer an enjoyable golfing experience filled with variety.

Logo Golfclub Wilder Kaiser Ellmau
  • Rating: Par 72
  • Men's Tees: 6,135 m/5,877 m * Ladies' Tees: 5,420 m/5,185 m
  • CH Men's CR 71.8/Slope 126 * Men's CR 70.4/Slope 123
  • CH Ladies' CR 73.9/Slope 124 * Ladies' CR 72.3/Slope 122

Eichenheim Golf Course

Ca. 70 km from the Posthotel. In the renowned city of Kitzbühel lies the equally illustrious Eichenheim Golf Club with its truly magical ambience. Here, surrounded by the Kitzbühel Alps, Kyle Phillips created a beautiful layout, appropriate to the magnificent clubhouse with its gourmet restaurant.

Logo Golf Eichenheim
  • Rating: Par 71
  • Men's Tees: 6,092 m/5,663 m * Ladies' Tees: 5,340 m/4,912 m
  • CH Men's CR 72.2/Slope 134 * Men's CR 70/Slope 130
  • Ladies' CR 76.4/Slope 136

Mieminger Plateau Golf Club

ca. 90 km from the Posthotel. In the midst of a 70,000 m² forest of pine, the Mieminger Plateau championship golf course was created. The broad fairways of the 18-hole golf course should in no way distract golfers from the challenges ahead, demanding no shortage of golfing expertise. HCP restriction for ladies and men: -36!

Logo Golfclub Mieminger Plateau
  • Rating: Par 72
  • Tees, yellow: 6,542 m * Tees, white: 6,120 m
  • Men's (yellow) CR 72.7/Slope 126
  • Ladies' (yellow) CR 78.8/Slope 132