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Individually stocked mini bar

Take advantage of our new service and have your mini bar stocked however you please. On the day of your arrival, we will stock the mini bar of your apartment or suite just as you please.

Choose from the following packages:

Frühstücken am Pool im DasPosthotel



  • 1 bowl with seasonal fruit and vegetables
  • 1 l Zillertal hay milk
  • 2 Stück Zillertaler yoghurt
  • 1 loaf of whole grain bread
  • 1 can of oat flakes
  • 0,25 l homemade blueberry juice 
  • 0,75 l mineral wahter
  • Teabar Bio Tee, 3 kinds
  • 1 glass of pickled chanterelles
  • 0,25 g Zillertal hay milk butter
  • 0,25 l Orange juice
  • 0,25 l carrot-apple juice
  • 2 glasses of homemade honey

for 2 persons: € 69,00

gefüllter Kühlschrank im DasPosthotel Apartment



  • 0,25 Kg ham of deer from own hunting
  • 0,25 Kg sausages choice
  • 0,25 Kg cheese choice
  • 2 boiled eggs
  • 8 pieces of bread/rolls
  • 2 bottles Zillertal beer
  • 1 glass of pickled chanterelles
  • 0,25 Kg tomato
  • 1 can Bio-Cottage Cheese
  • 1 glas Bio spicy peppers

for 2 persons: € 59,00

Wunsch-Kühlschrankfüllung im Apartment


It's all about the mixture

  • 0,5 Kilo cheese choice from the Zillertal
  • 0,5 Kilo bacon from the Zillertal farmers
  • 1 loaf of fresh bread
  • 1 glass pickled cucumbers
  • 1 bottle of wine Grüner Veltliner | Blaufränkischer
  • 1 bunch of garden radish

for 2 persons: € 35,00

Pillow Menu

For a healthy sleep

A good sleep is the best for of relaxation. For this reason, your favorite pillow will be served to your room upon request! Choose your favorite from the following high-quality pillows and enjoy the benefits!

Rental fee per pillow and stay: Euro 5.00

Spelt Pillow

Due to the natural massage effect spelt is especially useful in the case of tension in the musculature of your head, neck and shoulders, in coping with back pain and sleep disorders, lumbago and rheumatic complaints. Contains 90% silica, which has a beneficial effect to the skin and to the organs. Contains pure ancient spelt from controlled organic cultivation.

Millet Pillows

Millet hulls contain minerals (iron, magnesium, silicic acid etc.), which have positive benefits on the human body, especially for those coping with sleep disorders, migraine and rheumatic complaints etc.. The millet filling adjusts almost perfectly to the shape of the head and body, resulting in an orthopedically comfortable sleeping and reclining posture. Fine grain millet hulls from inspected, certified Austrian organic farms. Dust removed and cleansed twice. Contains 90% silicic acid, which has soothing effects on the skin and organs.

Sheep's Wool Pillows

High-quality Bavarian Merino wool from animal welfare farms which absorbs and neutralizes the metabolic products issued by your body in your sleep. Pleasantly warm, comfortably dry for a healthy sleeping environment.

Pine Wellness Pillows

The filling made from sheep´s wool and fine pine wood shavings is soft, warm and pleasantly soothing. Because the active ingredients of the pine sleeping condition, blood circulation and autonomic processes influence very positively, this pillow is a blessing. Pine also has am antibacterial effect and helps avoiding weather sensitivities. 100% natural product made from renewable resources.

Pure Pine Pillows

Pine stuffed pillows with pure shavings from up to 200-year-old trees from Tyrol's mountain world. For optimal benefits, lay the pillow in your bed close to your head. Pine is soothing on the body and has measurable positive benefits on circulation, wellbeing and vegetative regulation. Pine prevents aches and pains caused by changing weather. Pine improves sleep and thus overnight regeneration. This improved nighttime regeneration is accompanied by reduced heart beat and increased natural resonance within the body throughout the course of the day. The average "savings" for those sleeping in a pine bed is about 3500 heartbeats per day, approximating to about 1 hour's worth of work for the heart.