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Hotel with Pool

Indoor and outdoor pool

Immerse yourself in the water and let yourself drift away as you float on your back. Above is the blue sky interrupted only by a couple of white clouds. Light and water: the elements of life that are a source of peace and quiet.

It is an oasis in the middle of our garden: the swimming pool at our boutique hotel harmoniously combines aesthetics and function.

Made of stainless steel with state-of-the-art technology and heated by an environmentally-friendly solar installation, the pool guarantees year-round swimming enjoyment.

Especially in winter when it is cold outside and the mountains are blanketed in snow, swimming here is an invigorating experience: from the indoor access area, you can reach the warm outdoor water and swim in the fresh air.

Hotel pool opening times:

  • summer: 12.00 bis 20.30 Uhr (25°C - 28°C)
  • winter: 15.00 bis 19.00 Uhr (33°C)

Did you know that ...

Regular, moderate swimming burns fat, helps you regulate cholesterol levels and improve blood circulation to the heart. Because you use all the muscles of your body, you also lower blood-sugar counts, while the gentle pressure from the water is able to relieve muscle tension.