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Our coffee

The coffee blends at ZillerSeasons

Together with world champion barista Goran Huber, we have developed our own coffee blends with much enthusiasm and diligence. From a strong espresso with a hint of fruit and cocoa and a "Verlängerter" coffee with a chocolate flavor to rediscovered filtered coffee that smells of apple and caramel. Coffee lovers will feel completely understood here.

Leonhard Wild, a passionate coffee roaster from Upper Bavaria, personally selects first-class, fair-trade coffee beans from plantations. He roasts the beans with great tact and care in a secret process and then lets them air dry.

The timing of roasting is crucial for the perfect coffee. The beans reach their aromatic peak 8 weeks after roasting. When they are then freshly ground, brewed with temperature of 92-95°C, and lovingly prepared with the first Slayer Espresso* in Austria, we are talking about pure liquid gold.

Go ahead and look forward to your first sip!

*The Slayer is an espresso machine that is handmade in Seattle. It requires great expertise to operate and is considered the king of all coffee makers. Baristas dream of working with one, because only a Slayer produces the very best coffee.