Vacation safety
You can trust us!

A feeling of security is a prerequisite for carefree vacation enjoyment. With conviction and a passion for providing genuine hospitality, we ensure this with the following measures:

Hygiene measures at ZillerSeasons

Important information for our guests (subject to chance):

We are are happy to welcome our guests again.

According to the regulation of the Austrian federal government: For check-in at the ZillerSeasons, you will need official confirmation that either: 

  • You have been tested
  • You have recovered from a previous case of Covid-19
  • You are vaccinated

We offer our guests the opportunity (subject to change):

  • To test daily with antigen rapid tests (valid for 48 hrs.) under supervision. With this test you can also past the borders. It is free of charge and the result will be send on your phone.

During your stay, self-tests must be done every second day.

The following country entry regulations are currently planned (updated 24.04.21): * The basis for risk areas is the ECDC map (

* Countries that are marked green/yellow/orange on the ECDC map are allowed to freely travel to Austria.

* Countries that are marked red on the ECDC map: no quarantine if the person has been tested, vaccinated, or recovered from Covid-19.

* Countries that are marked dark red on the ECDC map: entry only for guests who have been tested, vaccinated, or recovered from Covid-19 as well as quarantine (testing after 5 days).

Please regularly check the current regulations: Austria: Germany: Switzerland:

Is the wellness area open? Yes, the wellness area, including saunas, steam baths, and pool, is open. 

Is the restaurant and bar open? Yes, all facilities of the hotel are open. 

Are guided hikes offered? Yes, in compliance with hygiene standards, a multifaceted weekly program is offered as usual.

Our certificates


  • We will be happy to take your requests into consideration in advance by e-mail. 
  • We recommend the online check-in that you can conveniently do from home.
  • A non-cash payment is recommended.
  • To welcome you, our guests will receive a handout with recommendations on conduct and disinfectant spray to take with you.
  • We will greet you on-site but without physical contact. 
  • Many disinfectant stations in the public areas of ZillerSeasons ensure that hands remain germ-free. 
  • Green markings on the floor make it easy for you to keep the appropriate distance from one another.
  • The recommendations on conduct for everyone's health and safety are clearly visible and easily understandable.  
  • We ensure good and constant ventilation of the rooms.


  • All employees of ZillerSeasons were tested for Covid-19 before starting work and will be regularly tested.
  • There will be regular instruction for the employees by our safety representative and company physician.
  • To protect our guests and our team, our employees will continue to wear mouth and nose protection when in direct contact with guests.  
  • Our cleaning staff is regularly trained in terms of correct, efficient cleaning and disinfection.


  • Public spaces and bathrooms are continuously cleaned and disinfected, and a record of this is kept.
  • The rooms are cleaned using the "top-down" system: intelligent hygiene technology by our partner company Hollu. All cleaning and disinfectant wipes are soaked in a precisely dosed cleaning and disinfectant solution. The wipes are a variety of colors to indicate what surface they are used for.
  • The laundry is washed in-house with state-of-the-art hygiene technology. 


  • The tables in the restaurants allow guests to keep a safe distance.
  • Breakfast is served in the form of both small buffets and an à la carte menu with a large selection.
  • Disinfectant dispensers are available at the breakfast buffet.
  • During the day and in the evening, we serve drinks, freshly baked cakes, delicious pastries, and a variety of à la carte dishes in the guest dining areas and restaurants.
  • We are happy to serve individual room service to your room. 
  • Upon request, we will refill the mini bar in the room for each guest. 

SPA area

  • Distance is maintained between the loungers in the spa and garden areas. 
  • All saunas are open. We ask that you keep the recommended distance from one another. Instructions for this are clearly visible.
  • The Herbarium spa with a large selection of magnificent massages and cosmetic treatments is open. 
  • Employees in the cosmetic department work with a face mask and visor. 
  • Employees in the massage department work with a face mask.
  • The snack bar in the wellness area is stocked with pre-packaged snacks. 
  • All pools are open. We ask that you keep the recommended distance from one another. Instructions for this are clearly visible.

Recreational program

  • Guided hikes are offered 5 times a week in small groups. 
  • We recommend hikes, excursions, and walks in places away from the mainstream. 
  • Individual spa, wellness, and sports programs are bookable on-site.