Comprehensive Sustainability
with foresight

We take our responsibility for the sustainable development of the environment that surrounds us seriously - and have been doing so for generations.

As hosts in one of the most wonderful regions on this earth, we have found solutions with great commitment in all areas that enable our guests to have the best holiday experience while also being environmentally friendly. Our sustainability program consists of the central pillars of local engagement, social inclusion, and ecological responsibility. So that the Zillertal remains as beautiful as it is – also for the next generations.

ecological responsibility

  • We build with wood.
  • We source our energy from wood, sun, and water.
  • We utilize the abundant hours of sunshine in the valley to heat the hot water for rooms and the spa.
  • We heat with wood because it has been the natural heat source for Zillertal farms for centuries and still is.
  • Waste separation is important to us because, as a large local business, we share responsibility for environmentally friendly disposal.
  • We exclusively use sustainable laundry and cleaning products.
  • We encourage our guests to use towels consciously and to save energy.
  • We rely on reusable packaging and plastic-free options.
  • For all guests arriving with electric vehicles, we provide garage spaces with green energy charging stations.

The beauty of the Zillertal

Those who know the beauty of the Zillertal primarily want one thing: to preserve it.

We are committed to ensuring that our guests can experience these traditions - and that our employees understand their importance.

To achieve this, as a whole team, we focus on sustainable environmental practices and the values that have been passed down for centuries. Nature is the source of our actions, and these actions are always intergenerational: rooted in the past and directed towards the future.

social inclusion

  • We are a family-owned company that acts economically and thinks compassionately.
  • We are focused on raising awareness among our employees about the importance of nature and the traditions of the Zillertal. They all contribute to our environmental program.
  • Our employees are knowledgeable about the power and effects of local plants and herbs.
  • All employees have the opportunity to continuously engage with topics such as wellbeing, nutrition, and exercise within the ZillerSeasons establishments.
  • We invest in the training and development of our team, both for personal growth and to better meet the needs of our guests.
  • We provide language courses for our employees.
  • We have built modern, beautiful accommodations for our team that support well-being.
  • We foster a warm working atmosphere.

local engagement

  • The Zillertal is rich in customs, culture, traditions, and heritage. We familiarize our employees with these aspects so they can also feel connected to our homeland.
  • Thanks to local suppliers, we are able to offer high-quality local products while keeping CO2 emissions from transportation low.
  • We prefer to work with products from local farmers. The game meat comes from the hunting in the Wildgerlostal. In our gardens, we grow herbs, vegetables, and fruits.
  • To preserve local songs and foster a sense of community, we support the local choir.
  • We consider it our responsibility to educate the youth in collaboration with schools in the region and motivate them to stay in the area.
  • We support local musicians through engagements.

The certification with the EU Ecolabel and the Austrian Ecolabel is a commitment to the sustainable way of life and work of the Binder-Egger family. A connection to nature, love for the history of the family and our environment, mindfulness, and honesty in dealing with guests and our employees are the sustainable pillars of our actions.

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