Two awards

The well-being of the environment
is important to us

we act today for tomorrow

We support the concept of sustainability. Based on our convictions. But what does that actually mean?

It means that we are thankful to live in one of the most beautiful regions in the world. It also means that we are especially economical out of love for nature and its treasures.

The power supply for our houses is derived from renewable sources. Whenever possible, our organic food comes from the Zillertal region, from farmers that we know. Since it only has a short distance to travel, it stays fresher, retains its valuable properties, and tastes better.

All wood that is used in our chalets and in DasPosthotel as flooring, on the walls, as part of the furnishings, or in the chlorine-free pools at the chalet comes from the region and sustainable forestry. Just like the principle of sustainability itself: only as much wood is cut down as can be regrown through reforestation.

Washing and cleaning here is done with mainly environmentally safe means and products. With the purchase of paper - whether it's in the office or in the rooms - we pay attention to environmental certifications. After all, we are guests of this earth.

If you arrive by environmentally-friendly public transportation such as the Zillertalbahn, you will receive a gift: our comfortable pick-up service. For this and much more, we are distinguished with the Austrian eco-label and the EU eco-label. The earth is certainly thankful for it and so are we.

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