Every Friday

From 29 September 2023, every Friday there will be a "Törggele" evening with music in our restaurant DieMarie at DasPosthotel.

A classic, as well as a vegetarian "Törggele" menu awaits you!

Menu classic

Red cabbage salad

Caramelized Tyrolean sheep cheese | citrus fruits | nuts

Tyrolean organic pumpkin cream soup

seeds | oil

Posthotel meat pan

organic crust roast | sauerkraut | grammel dumplings | potato salad | baked chicken

Blueberry sponge cake / apple-caramel parfait / cranberry espuma

At the end: chestnuts / mandarin oranges


Menu price: 69 including mulled wine



Menu Vegetarian

Red Cabbage Salad

Caramelized Tyrolean Sheep Cheese I Citrus Fruits I Nuts


Tyrolean Organic Pumpkin Cream Soup

Seeds I Oil


Posthotel Vegetarian Platter

Cheese Spaetzle I Stuffed Pasta Pockets I Spinach Dumplings I Green Salad


Blueberry Biscuit I Apple Caramel Parfait I Cranberry spuma

Chestnuts I Mandarines


Menu price: 69 including mulled wine

Table reservation

We look forward to your visit and a wonderful evening at the ZillerSeasons.


A dinner at the ZillerSeasons is always an event - and on these evenings we spoil you with a wonderful menu. On this occasion, we exclusively serve the respective event menu and no à la carte dishes.