The big competition
Who will be Eden's Bartender of the Year 2023?

We look forward to welcoming you as our guest!

On April 12, 2023, high qualified participants will put their skills and talent to the test during the 1st bartending competition "The Taste of Green Paradise" in the elegant ambiance of the EdenBar.  

"In most competitions, the so-called world champions don't have to demonstrate any specialized knowledge in order to win", says chef de bar of the ZillerSeasons. "All that matters is whether the jury likes the drink and whether is beautifully decorated and presented". But the "The Taste of Green Paradise" contest is different as the entry challenge already proves: only those 3 candidates who get the most points in a 3-hour knowledge test are allowed to compete in front of a jury and audience on April 12.  

In order to take home the award, you must pass 3 rounds on April 12. This includes, for example, creating a drink with a special ingredient from Mali's herb garden within 15 minutes or scoring points with wit, speed, expert knowledge in the bartender quiz in front of an audience. In addition, the finalists will be given surprising challenges by the jury which must mastered.

During this competition, you will see many creative ideas and gain insight into this special profession! 

The first-class jury consists of Jürgen Deibel, Andi Hotter, Rupert Paar, Hans Reisetbauer Jun., Carole Rohrmoser-Stein, and Suwi Zlatic.

Date: April 12, 2023
Admission: € 25 per person incl. a glass of sparkling wine or soda, cup of coffee, or still or sparkling ZillerSeasons water

If you develop a bit of an appetite, our guests can choose from the afternoon menu, or you can bring your evening to end with dinner in the Wilde Kräuterküche.

We ask that you make a reservation for the event as well as dinner - there are a limited number of participants. You can then enjoy your desired cocktail after the competition!