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Clean as a Whistle!

It doesn’t get any greener at ZillerSeasons. Homemade bread, natural, untreated wood and solar energy to warm the pool: we are sustainable to the max.

The Ziller Valley is in full bloom and we love this vibrant color; we love everything about our home so we’ve taken our commitment to the next level. Everything we do revolves around clean and green practices, and we don’t just think this, we can prove it with two environment certificates, the Austrian Ecolabel and the EU Ecolabel.

We are very particular about how we dispose waste, measure cleaning detergents, select products with minimal packaging and use regional ingredients in our homemade recipes. We are also empathetic of others with allergen sensitivities. We don’t just fly the “green flag” we live by it.

Taking Care of Business!

Hoteliers have a responsibility and we know there are many conscientious travelers who share similar values. It is possible to travel to ZillerSeasons with a light eco footprint. Solar panels collect sunlight to heat the pool. The hotel is efficiently wired for clean energy. Our employees are specially-trained in best environmental practices and honestly, there’s nothing better than homemade bread with jam – not from a package.

Strict environmental standards apply to all parts of our hotel. Knowing this makes you feel good about your choices. We want to you have a rewarding and fulfilling experience with us, knowing that we are doing business the right way.

Those who play in our Ziller Valley feel its clean and pure power. And those who live here want to keep it that way for future generations to enjoy.

CERTIFICATIONNumbers don’t lie

We didn’t just meet the required minimum of 48 points to receive our environmental distinction, we surpassed it with 120.5 points! And the same goes for the EU Ecolabel. That’s dedication.

Christina Binder-Egger

Christina Binder-Egger

The hotel business was in her blood from birth. Christina Binder-Egger was literally born in a hotel. In 2009, she inherited hotel operations from her parents. With courage, finesse and a sense of design, she and her husband Richard have created an alpine oasis respecting their Tyrolean traditions. And the circle closes yet again on a 3rd generation: their two children were born and are being raised in the hotel.