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A massage can work wonders ...

Beauty is an expression of holistic well-being. Allow yourself some time to nurture, invigorate and rejuvenate mind, body and soul. Our body treatments are complemented by plant-based active ingredients, traditional methods of application and massage techniques that lead to intense, long-lasting results.

You can enjoy massages from Monday to Saturday.

Wohlfühl-Massage im DasPosthotel

Our massages ensure pure relaxation and show true effects:

  • improve your overall condition
  • improve your health
  • improve your immune system
  • improve your skin, neurological and lymphatic systems, joints and tendons
  • increase blood circulation and physical performance

Classic massages

Classic partial body massage
ca 25 min € 33.00

Classic full body massage
ca 50 min € 56.00
ca 75 min € 78.00
The classic full body massage relieves muscle tension and relaxes the body. You can choose between partial body (back or legs) and full body.

Head-neck massage
ca 25 min € 33.00
Combined massage techniques are applied to the shoulder, neck and head area, where stress and problems manifest themselves.

Sports massage
ca 50 min € 58.00
Ideal after an exhausting day in the mountains. This massage promotes circulation and stimulates metabolism. For additional muscle relaxation, a refreshing skin tonic is applied at the end of the massage.

Foot reflexology massage
ca 25 min € 34.00
The foot`s reflelx zones are stimulated with a special gripping technique. This promotes circulation in strained areas on the feet and thus targets corresponding organs and areas of the body. It alleviates tension and activates the immune system.

Vital combo massage
ca 50 min € 58.00
The combined application of foot reflexology massage followed by a back massage vitalizes and has a positive effect on the body.

Manual lymphatic drainage (partial body)
ca 25 min € 35.00

Manual lymphatic drainage (fullbody)
ca 50 min € 59.00
With gentle, circular movements and pressure on the skin, accumulations of lymph fluid, waste products and toxins are removed.

Ear candling treatment with facial lymph drainage
ca 50 min € 60.00
This is a fluid-removing, cleansing treatmet for the ears and sinuses. It s especially beneficial for colds and blockages in the facial area and sinuses.

Harmounious children`s massage
ca 25 min € 31.00
We will also be happy to pamper your little one with gentle treatments.

Special Treatments

Lomi Lomi Nui
ca 80 min € 102.00
The traditional Hawaiian body treatment stimulates deep layers of the tissue, where mental and physical tensions accumulate. The long, extended massage strokes connect all body regions, relax the muscles, harmonize the body`s energies and allow positive energy to flow. Your spirit will begin to relax, and you can truly let go on all levels. Including a 5 min period of relaxation.

Lomi Lomi Nui for children up to 10 years old
ca 25 min € 34.00

Lomi Lomi Nui for children from 10-16 years old
ca 50 min € 64.00

Full body pampering massage
ca 75 min € 83.00
A classic full body massage with warming arnica oil and quartz leads to relaxation and inner well-being. The frequently described effects of quarts, which is considered a healing stone, extends throughout the body and heals the soul.

Trigger point treatment
ca 25 min € 35.00
Brings about relief and quick alleviation of pain through the relaxation an extension of muscle fibers. Pressure on the trigger point delivers a strong stimulus that relaxes tense muscles and delivers blood, oxygen and nutrients to the muscles.

Physial therapy (standard)
ca 25 min € 38.00

Physical therapy (deluxe)
ca 50 min € 63.00
Our therapists will treat you according to your individual needs.

Special baths in the hotel room

Nurishing herbal whey bath
Whey is one of the oldest cosmetic care products for beauty. The herbal whey bath will nourish your skin and leave it soft an smooth.
25 min € 30.00

Soothing herbal whey bath
The soothing bath with whey and herbs relaxes skin and soul.
25 min € 30.00




"Hamamelis" bath
foamy bath, wunderful after sportive activitites, if you have muscle aches or sun burn.
25 min € 30.00

Further offers

  • Training for belly, legs and bottom - appr. 40 min
  • Pilates for back posture - appr. 40 min
  • sea salt peeling
  • Sauna onpouring


Cosmetics & beauty treatments

Our cosmetician pampers her and him with the following treatments:

Natural Beauties with Susanne Kaufmann

Anti-aging facial treatment
ca 80 min € 119.00
A synergy of highly effective super ingredients and targeted massage techniques provide for a visibly relaxed and firm skin appearance.

Deluce facial treatment
ca 80 min € 99.00
An extremely efficient appliction especially tailored to your skin with intensive avtice ingredients and relaxing massage technique.

Standard facial treatment
ca 50 min € 69.00
Deep cleansing spa treatment for a clear, fresh complexion. Includes peel, deep cleansing a concentrate of nutrients and a mask.

Susanne Kaufmann facial massage
ca 25 min € 39.00
including a concentrate of nutrients

(Kopie 1)

Couleur Caral natural Make-up... We makeup biologically!

• Day Make-up ca 40 min € 32.00
• Evening Make-up ca 40 min € 32.00
• Beauty Make-up Workshop for 2-6 people ca 50 min € 25.00 per person

Bookable in addition to your facial treatment:
(As an individual application without facial treatment, we charge an extra fee of € 10.00)

• Eyebrow coloring or shaping € 10.00
• Eyebrow coloring and shaping € 15.00
• Eyelash coloring € 15.00
• Entire eye area € 25.00
• Hair removal for individual parts of the face € 10.00 to € 20.00



Hand and Feet applications with Susanne Kaufmann

Classic manicure with hand massage
ca 40 min € 45.00
Nail trimming, shaping, polishing, as well as cuticle and hand massage

Royal hand treatment
ca 70 min € 75.00
Classic manicure, hand peel and wrap with active ingredients, hand and forearm massage

Foot bath with foot and calf massage
ca 25 min € 25.00

Cosmetic pedicure with foot massage
ca 40 min € 45.00
Foot bath, nail trimming, shaping, polishing, removal of calluses and cuticles, as well as foot massage

Royal foot treatment
ca 70 min € 75.00
Cosmetic pedicure, foot peel and wrap with active ingredients, foot and calf massage

Bookable in addition to your hand and foot treatment:
application of nail polish after your treatment € 10.00

Natural beauty for Men with Susanne Kaufmann

Facial treatment for refined men`s skin
ca 80 min € 99.00
Complete facial care with cleansing, peel, deep cleansing with steam, facial massage with a concentrate of nutrients and mask. We will also pamper you with a relaxing neck massage.

Cleansing facial treatment for men
ca 50 min € 69.00
Standard, deep cleansing treatment

Bookable in addition to your facial treatment
Eyebrow shaping € 5.00

Refreshing foot application for well-manicured men`s feet
ca 40 min € 45.00
Refreshing foot bath with salt peel, nail trimming, removal of cuticles and calluses, short foot reflexology massage

Body applications with Susanne Kaufmann

Anti-cellulite application
ca 50 min € 65.00
A deeply effective tissue massage with firming pomegranate oil. A special wrap for problem areas will help you achieve your dream figure.

Alpine hot stone aromatic oil massage
ca 50 min € 65.00
Magnificently relaxing aromatic oil massage with gentle techniques and warm basalt stones. Tension and blockages are dissolved in gentle ways and your body will be provided with energy and balance will be restored. The skin will be treated with nourishing oil.

Body pack
ca 25 min € 35.00
Tissure-strenghening and skin-tightening features make this treatment a true fountain of youth for dry skin in need of rejuvenation.

Basic leg wrap
ca 25 min € 35.00
The basic leg wrap will bring your acid-base content back into balance. Highly recommended for blemished skin, digestive problems, tiredness and immune system weakness.

Packages for your Well-Being

Pure Beauty
ca 4,5 hours, also possible over 2 days € 229.00
• Alpine hote stone aromatic oil massage
• Deluxe facial treatment
• Classic manicure with hand massage
• Cosmetic pedicure with foot massage

Active & Healthy
ca 3 hours, also possible over 2 days € 169.00
• Classic full-body massage
• Standard facial treatment
• Foot reflexology masage
• Basic leg wrap

Fit 4 baby
ca 2,5 hours € 149.00
• Cosmetic pedicure with foot masage
• Head-neck masage
• Standard facial treatment
• Nourishing wrap for the baby belly

Short time-out
ca 1,5 hours € 99.00
• Classic partial body massage
• Facial massage incl. a concentrate of nutrients
• Horsetail wrap