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Beauty is Skin Deep

Not all cosmetics are created equally. Many drugstore products contain toxic chemicals. But are organic products really better and do natural ingredients deliver the promise of beauty? Take a journey with me into the business of (natural) beauty.

When it comes to your skin, ZillerSeasons does not compromise. We only use natural products of outstanding quality in our body treatments and beauty applications. No one denies the organic beauty trend, but some consumers question whether these products make you more beautiful. With a quick glance at the wallet, others wonder if higher prices are worth it. Of course, that’s for you to try and decide. The fact is, traditional cosmetics are made from synthetic chemicals that cause allergies, clog pores and make it harder for skin to regenerate on its own. And there are other social and environmental concerns…you’ve likely heard about that cosmetics are tested on animals; about plastic microbeads in toothpaste or about the rain forest being destroyed for mono-culture palm tree plantations.

Say if you’re vegan or you shop with a social conscience, you will likely be standing in the drugstore aisle scratching your head about which product to choose. To be fair, industrial products are sometimes more effective than natural ones. Take for example sun protection or hair dyes. The common brands are longer-lasting and often more effective. Naturally, everything in life has its dark and light aspects. On the pro side, natural products are free of synthetics and plastics. They are earth and animal-friendly and manufactured with a lighter eco-footprint. Rather than using artificial colors, plastic fillers and scents, natural products feature bee and nut essences like royal jelly, shea butter or almond milk, and plant extracts like seabuckthorn and aloe vera. For me, the first step to “real beauty” is knowing that beauty is only skin deep – what matters is within.

Beautiful by Nature

Humans have harnessed the healing power of nature since the dawn of time. Only since the industrial age and mass production have we lost this connection with our past and don’t even question it. Luckily, there is a trending interest in all things pure and natural. A back to the basics approach that is changing the marketplace and creating alternative choices.

At ZillerSeasons we have chosen to work with two beauty lines: Susanne Kaufmann and Couleur Caramel. Our decision was personal. We sampled many products, but ultimately the “made in Austria” Kaufmann line thrilled us with its native plants and herbs. I tip my hat to the enviable keepers of old herbal wisdom…what a national treasure. Organic ingredients nourish, support and invigorate your skin naturally……imagine silk proteins and blossom extracts from the white lupine, an essence from the pink cuckoo flower seed, and wheatgerm oil. After a gentle exfoliation with jojoba wax pearls (for example) it’s easy to tell which guests have had a beauty treatment…they simply glow. The lipsticks from our organic make-up line Couleur Caramel are so natural you could eat them! But you won’t. You’ll be more fabulous when I apply it on your lips - naturally.

NOVEMBER WORKSHOPHands-on Organic Beauty Class

Join „beauty chef“ Linnéa Richter for a Natural Cosmetics Workshop at DasPosthotel.It’s fun and easy! You will learn how to make organic body treatments from wholesome ingredients like honey, red beets and cinnamon – simple things from the kitchen pantry. They all have their unique and beneficial skin care qualities you’ll discover with Linnéa. If it’s good enough to eat, then it’s good enough for your skin. That’s our philosophy.

Andrea Fankhauser

Andrea Fankhauser

Her motto: When you feel good in your skin, natural beauty comes from within. Andrea Fankhauser is an aesthetician and massage therapist. Your wellbeing during the treatment is her #1 priority. She doesn’t use equipment or machines in her practice, only human touch and the positive energy from her healing hands.