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Benefit Gala

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“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”

A heavenly evening in May whose declared aim was to give the gift of joy, allow you to enjoy the pleasures of life together, and do something good in the process.

The first #zillerseasonshilft benefit evening took place on May 20, 2023 at MalisGarten Green Spa Hotel. Awaiting all guests and benefactors was a splendid 6-course spring menu from the Wilde Kräuterküche and an inspiring concert in the Zell am Ziller parish church followed by a stylish end to the evening under the starry sky in MalisGarten. During the event, a painting by Zillertal artist Monika Eberharter was auctioned off.

The net proceeds of the event benefited the reforestation project “Vamos Reflorestar” of former bishop Erwin Kräutler, who commendably took over patronage of the event together with university professor Dr. lic. Theol. Franz Weber.

A very special thank you goes to Dr. theol. Ignaz Steinwender.



20th of May 2023

5:00 pm Welcoming and reception at MalisGarten Green Spa Hotel
5:45 pm Spring gala dinner with treasures from the garden & nature
7:30 pm Short pilgrimage through MalisGarten, the herb garden, and the parish garden to the church
8:00 pm Concert in the parish church under the musical coordination of Fritz Joast and Stefan Neussl

• St. Lorenzen quintet
• “Do-Re-Mi” choir
• Zillertaler Weisenbläser
• Thoughts by Franz Weber

Followed by an evening under the starry sky in MalisGarten, Auction of the painting “Weitertragen” by Monika Eberharter

Details on the benefit gala

On May 20, 2023, the ZillerSeasons organized a special kind of evening: at the heart of the program was and is charity. In order to support the rainforest project of former bishop Erwin Kräutler, who received the Right Livelihood Award for his for his dedication, hotel manager Christina Binder-Egger and her team came up with something special: the net proceeds from the gala menu and a work of art by Monika Eberharter were donated.

The event is under the patronage of Erwin Kräutler, Bishop Emeritus of Xingu in Brazil, where he supports the indigenous population and the preservation of the Amazon rainforest, and Franz Weber, who supports Erwin Kräutler's work. Franz Weber himself was a pastor in Brazil for years and later a theology professor in Innsbruck. The motto of “flourishing” fits in every respect: the ZillerSeasons, which supports sustainability and green energy in all areas, always focuses on protecting the environment.

In the spirit of cozy togetherness, we celebrated the flourishing of people and nature. Those who contributed to the charity evening were offered spring-like delights for all the senses: on the one hand, the taste buds were pampered with the exquisite, specially created four-course menu with flowers and herbs from the Wilde Kräuterküche. That's why ZillerSeasons' sustainable cuisine is well-known and popular.


Afterwards, everyone made themselves comfortable: in the evening, guests walked through the gardens to the brightly lit parish church, where a concert by the Zillertal Weisenbläser, the St. Lorenzen quintet, and the “Do-Re-Mi” youth choir was offered. This was a time for tranquil moments and an opportunity for contemplative reflection.


Art for a good cause

Measuring 60 by 120 centimeters, painted with acrylic on canvas, the painting depicts a dandelion meadow with a view towards the Ahornspitze. This work of art with the title “Weitertragen” was auctioned off for a good cause at the end of the charity evening. Monika Eberharter, who previously headed the Zell im Zillertal tourism association, is a coach, our coordinator, and a source of creativity. “Nature is a place of power, a role model, and even the greatest artist ,” she says. Blossom and pass on the good: may good ideas - for coexistence in harmony with nature - be passed on, like with this dandelion.


The reforestation project

50 years ago, the Transamazonica was built. This is a road that stretches over 4,000 kilometers through the Amazon rainforest. On both sides of this road, enormous areas of forest were cleared, most of which now lie fallow because the rainforest soil has not proven to be fertile enough for the planned cultivation.

Vamos Reflorestar

The successful reforestation project “Vamos Reflorestar” was launched 15 years ago: areas of land were reforested in many small Christian communities. In cooperation with the farmers and the schools, coordinated by nuns and an Austrian development worker, the rainforest seedlings native to the region were planted. The trees have already grown large today, and the project has made a significant contribution to raising positive awareness of the area's livelihood. However, it had to be discontinued for financial reasons.

With the net proceeds from our charity event and with your help, this reforestation project will be brought back to life and further developed. In selected areas, it is coordinated by the local pastors in cooperation with communities, farmers, schools, and ecology students. We plant together.

The rainforest is largely responsible for the climate and affects us all directly. We bear responsibility for our environment, animals, plants, and life. A piece of rainforest, a piece of nature, and thus the basis of life for all of us can flourish again - and so can we.