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Finely-Tuned for Spring

Spring is here and things are abuzz. It’s time for change: from skis to bikes, but not just any bike…how about one with motorized support to get you to far-flung places never before imagined.

Further, stronger, personalized: This is the drumbeat for the E-bike in 2017. And the trend is still growing. We’ve seen enormous growth and interest in E-bike adventures in the last two years here in Zillertal. Our guests really love this activity and all the advantages that come with it. After all, the mountains here are big and high with serious elevation to conquer. E-bikes allow riders to access our peaks with the added power of a pedal-assist motor.

Young athletes are turning to battery-charged bikes as well, achieving high-elevation dreams that aren’t possible with a classical mountain bike, unless you’re a professional. The active Silvers have been true to the E-bike craze from the outset, but now everyone’s onboard. The market has grown to include younger riders. And, no wonder. Who wouldn’t want to experience this kind of freedom and mobility. A new door to the Zillertal has opened to appreciate the wonder of her beauty from our highest peaks and valleys.

Only the best for our guests

E-bikes from German manufacturer CUBE are the lightest and best in the business which is why we’ve chosen them as rental bikes for ZillerSeasons. At Intersport Strasser, the guests receive VIP treatment and 10% discount on rentals and purchases. The number one question we are asked about E-Bikes is how far can they go? This is an important question and the technology has steadily improved over the past few years; the current models have excellent capacity – even on steep terrain. Those planning a long tour are welcome to take a spare battery with them, when available. We gladly give riders insider tips on the best local routes for every age and ability.

TOUR RECOMMENDATION – RELAXEDFrom Zell and Ziller to Schlitterer Lake

What awaits you : a pure and natural recreational area known as Schlitterer Lake, beyond the traditional swimming pools. The Lake Café alone is worth the trip.

The tour starts in Zell am Ziller, leads through the village to the Ziller river and along the marked Ziller bike path northwards to Schlitters. Most of the ride is downhill along the river. Once in Schlitters, follow the signs to Schlitterer See.

One-way: approx. 20 km
You can take the Zillertalbahn (train) from Schlitters back to Zell am Ziller.


This is a lovely landscape renowned for dramatic rock cliffs and roaring waterfalls with views of big Alp country (these peaks are over 3,000 meters, more than 9,000 feet)!

From the train station in Zell am Ziller, take the Zillertalbahn to Mayrhofen. Bikes go free. From the train station, take the Hauptstraße, passing by the Penkenbahn then across the Ziller river following the Stilluptal sign. Leaving Mayrhofen, you have a steep 500 meter climb in elevation. But once you reach the valley above, things get easier on the gently rolling pasture trails.

Option A (short): From Mayrhofen to Stilluptal to the Waterfall Restaurant (Wasserfall Wirtshaus) located at the reservoir. One-way is 8 kilometers and 800 meter elevation gain.

Option B (long): From Mayrhofen to Stilluptal beyond the Waterfall Restaurant passing the reservoir and further to the Green Wall Hut (Grüne Wand Hütte). One-way is 18 kilometers and 1,100 meter elevation gain. The highest point is 1,644 meters or 5,393 feet.

Simone Strasser

Simone Strasser

Her passion burns for skiing, golfing and biking, but Simone doesn’t get to play with her equipment as much as she would like. She (along with her husband) is the driving force behind Intersport Strasser in Zell am Ziller. Simone enjoys pairing her customers with the right tools for the job, carrying on a family tradition that her grandmother started.