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Small herbal encyclopedia

The daisy

The daisy symbolizes innocence and purity. Its soul is cheerful, and this can be seen in its blossoms. Meekness and modesty are its adornments. The daisy smiles at us from the many meadows starting in spring. People like to collect the flower and use it for incense to fill rooms with its cheerful optimism. This subtle and yet strong energy is immediately perceptible to sensitive people.

On practically every continent in the world and in every climate zone, you will find this pretty plant with white ray florets and radiant yellow flower head. If you have a small magnifying glass, you can see the yellow florets in the flower head. Its leaves are green even in winter and form a rosette. They feel leathery and look a bit like a spatula. Braided together like a wreath, daisies are the perfect decoration for the hair of little princesses. Or daisies can even act like an oracle when playing a game of “he loves me, he loves me not”.

Not just humans but also honeybees, bumblebees, and flies love this charming meadow plant, which you will definitely encounter on the wayside. The seeds spread far and wide through wind and rain, which delights us, since this allows us to pick a beautiful, lush bouquet for the kitchen table.

For the botanists among our readers, it is clear that Bellis perennis L. belongs to the composite family in the order of aster-like flowers.


If you would like, you can try a sandwich with daisy blossoms that are picked from unfertilized meadows far away from roads. The taste is simply wonderful, and it’s always nice to watch how the daisy sandwich brings a smile to the face of those munching on it.

You can’t go wrong with the consumption of daisies. As a tea, daisies have a mucus-dissolving effect and help with bronchitis. A daisy cream has a beneficial effect on sensitive skin. It helps wherever arnica is also used but is gentler.


Homemade daisy oil:

Gather a handful of daisy heads, place them in a screw-top jar, and pour ca. 50 ml of almond or olive oil over them.

Let the jar sit for 2 weeks on the windowsill and shake it daily.

Then strain the liquid and pour it into dark bottles.

We like to use the oil for our salads, as a base for our daisy cream, or as skin care for dry hands.

Have fun discovering nature!

For legal reasons we must point out: please clarify with your family doctor beforehand whether daisies and oil are suited for you. If you are allergic to an ingredient, do not use it. Recommendations are based purely on empirical values without a medical background.


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Ann-Marie Schneider

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