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Wellness in winter

The full program: from the slopes to the SPA area

How great it is! After a day of racing ski runs, carving down the slopes, and glistening snow in the sunshine, you have more than earned some relaxation. Now, all you have to do is lean back and enjoy yourself: we know the best way to help you regenerate.  

Take good care of your feet and legs

We start at the bottom and slowly work our way to the top: on the slopes, your feet are what support you, take you through the curves, and accomplish so much, and this something that deserves to be rewarded. Our legs are due more attention; after all, they are what carry us through life - not just when we are skiing. A foot reflexology massage is truly a good deed for exhausted legs and has a positive effect on the whole body. An ion detox foot bath, which is suited for all ages even children, will give your legs a soothing break and will stimulate detoxification of the whole body while strengthening the metabolism. And have you heard how important it is to take good care of the fascia? The best way to do this is to treat yourself to a sports massage with fascia treatment, which targets more than just tired feet but also relieves stubborn tension and improves muscle performance.

With the power of the body

Among the local species of trees, pine is known as the "wellness wood". This is because it has such an energizing effect on the human body: when you breathe in the aroma of pine wood, your heart rate noticeably calms down. The body system winds down, and the entire body relaxes. You can imagine that it's only logical for the ZillerSeasons to create a signature pine massage: this combines the beneficial effects of pine with the comforts of a massage. Just as soothing is an aromatherapy candle massage, which helps to relieve muscle tension with the use of natural oils. You can choose your own personal aromatherapy candle fragrance in the Herbarium Green SPA based on your desired effect and bring the candle home with you. Especially after a day of skiing, the warming oil is the best thing for your body and your skin. To nourish your skin, we offer individual facial treatments, which are tailored to your needs. The treatments are based on medicinal herbs and their effects, which have been proven for thousands of years and which for example can be either vitalizing or calming. After being out in the wintery, icy temperatures and the bright sunlight that is reflected by the snow, your skin will look forward to a natural cosmetics boost. 

Sweating for health

One way to completely care for yourself from head to toe is a visit to the sauna. Why is it actually so healthy to expose yourself to high temperatures? When the surface of the skin is heated and body temperature rises, the body reacts in the same way it would if you have a low fever. This means that the immune cells are activated, and the cardiovascular system is stimulated. Sweating detoxifies the body, and many people even report that a sauna visit helps them sleep better. One study at the Medical University of Innsbruck and the University of Eastern Finland shows: the more frequent you go to the sauna, the better. With 4 to 7 sauna sessions a week, cardiovascular disease and mortality decreases by an unbelievable 70%. In all hotels of the ZillerSeasons, you will find saunas with fragrant woods, infusions, and refreshing opportunities to cool down afterwards. 

After enjoying such a beneficial program for mind and body, you are guaranteed to have renewed energy - for a new day of winter sports in the overwhelmingly beautiful mountains of the Zillertal.