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Cryo cabin

Freezing for fitness

Warm up your immune system with cryotherapy.

At the ZillerSeasons, our first priority is your well-being. We have therefore installed a cryotherapy cabin in our Herbarium SPA in Green Spa Hotel - MalisGarten. You probably think this sounds a bit uncomfortable, but it is definitely good for your health – we promise!

The secret weapon for top athletes

There have been studies since the 1980s proving the positive effects of cold on the human body. It has been shown that athletes perform better after undergoing cryotherapy before competing – and they recover faster when being exposed to cold after the competition. There are several reasons for this: the muscles are maximally supplied with oxygen even more so than when simply warming up, and muscle tension, circulation, and the metabolism of the skeletal musculature are stimulated.

How it works is fascinating: cold causes the blood vessels to constrict, and blood supply to the exterior of the body is reduced. When the vessels expand again as the body warms up afterward, the body gets a boost of energy – which improves performance, concentration, and stamina. It has also been found that injuries and scars after an operation heal faster with the help of cold: cryotherapy stimulates the body’s natural healing processes and supports regeneration. Who would have thought that it is so healthy to freeze a little bit?

fewer degreesfewer pains

The cryotherapy chamber not only gives athletes superpowers, but it also alleviates pain and reduces inflammation. Studies show that cryotherapy treatments can be helpful for chronic pain, joint and spinal diseases, rheumatism, muscle tension and cramps, as well as acute sports injuries. But the list of benefits is actually much longer: cold can relieve the symptoms of skin inflammation and irritation, and positive outcomes are achieved for migraines and depression. Cold slows down the production of the stress hormone cortisol, which in turn elevates mood. Anyone who wants to slim down and tighten connective tissue can use cryotherapy to their benefit. And through regular cryotherapy treatments, it is possible to give sleep problems the cold shoulder.

MalisGartenreally cools you down

Now you surely understand why we have strived to integrate a cryotherapy cabin into our well-being program. Try it for yourself during your vacation at Green Spa Hotel - MalisGarten and see the miraculous effects the cold can have – maybe it will even warm you up!

5 good reasons forCryotherapy
  • Cryotherapy strengthens the immune system and prevents illness.
  • Studies show it has a pain-alleviating effect.
  • Cryotherapy treatments promote circulation thus stimulating the body’s healing processes.
  • Cold supports weight loss by activating and burning fat cells in the body.
  • General well-being is improved as a result of the release of endorphins.

Which brings us back to the promise we made at the beginning: that your well-being is our top priority. In both cold and warm times!