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Say nighty night...

Did you know you spend one-third of your vacation in bed? For that amount of time, you’d expect to get the best rest and recovery. It sure makes sense then to invest in your sleep quality. At ZillerSeasons, we do. Special handmade mattresses assure the most restful sleep during your stay.

The interest in sleep has exploded in hospitality over the past 5-6 years. Before that, everything revolved around wellness so hoteliers built spas and wine cellars, but meanwhile, they also realized that guests sleep in beds. So how should a bed be designed for the best possible sleep? This is the challenge because a mattress should fit the person and not the other way around. We know that many different types of people sleep in hotels. Crucial to the perfect night’s sleep is an interplay between mattress, pillow and blankets. Good hotels have reversible mattresses and mattresses of different firmness on hand, so that every guest gets a chance to sleep well.

The Difference is Night and Day

We make our mattresses and boxspring beds right here in the Zillertal. This allows us to respond to individual needs and requests. We have used a unique method for the ZillerSeasons mattresses, working with Tencel in the cold foam to create the most natural product. The fibers come from trees and are completely biodegradable. No wonder then, that this sleep system fits perfectly with ZillerSeasons own natural philosophy with wood. Similarly, our bedding surfaces are also made from 100% natural rubber. This is healthy, grounding energy for sound sleeping like a marmot in the Tyrolean Alps.

Sleeping Beauty is Back

Sleep is vital to our organism and we need more than a good bed to sleep well as our bodies regenerate and repair. The two other important factors are noise and light. Some hotels now remove outside stimuli like WLAN in the rooms, and eventually may offer cell phone and electricity-free zones. In the Gipfelsuites at DasPostHotel, the digital detox switch ensures an energetically pure environment. It’s also important that the guest rooms are dark and quiet, able to block out outside stimuli. Our world is heavily light-polluted and this disturbs sleep. As the saying goes: the night determines the day. As old and natural it may be, sleep is now a hot, new trend. On a trip to Berlin, scientists, forward thinkers and sleep researchers gave lectures and we learned that sleep is a lifestyle – even a status symbol for those who’ve mastered it. There’s even a drink you can buy enriched with melatonin for better sleep. Then there is our option: just get yourself a good mattress.

5 TIPS FOR GOOD SLEEPYou make the bed you sleep in
  • Your bed, blankets and mattress should be big enough: at least 90 cm wide and at least 25 cm longer than your height.
  • Get advice from an expert: sleep is essential for good health and should be taken seriously.
  • The average person turns 20 – 50 times a night, freedom of movement is critical.
  • Avoid disrupting factors like noise and light.
  • Pay attention to your individual sleep needs and go to bed when your body tells you.
Roman Eberharter

Roman Eberharter

He can answer any mattress question in his sleep: Roman Eberharter has been working as a director in his father’s business Eberharter GmbH for 20 years and knows all about a good night’s rest. Whether he makes them for hotels or private customers, his mattresses are custom made by hand. You can rest assured, they are the best.