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Escape the Seasons Unscathed

Mother Nature is preparing for winter – and you should too. It’s time to love your skin and hair.

The start of autumn brings the change of seasons. As the robust greens of summer fade into fall foliage, the days get shorter and the weather becomes noticeably cooler. Our skin also notices these cooler temperatures. The demand on our skin requires more care and attention. The cold air causes blood vessels to contract thus limiting the supply of blood and oxygen to the dermis. But no worries! With the right skincare program, you can still look fresh while avoiding skin damage.

Step 1: Peeling 

Soft peelings remove old, tired skin which reveals a youthful glow. Old summer skin begins to slough off while the beach tan slowly fades. The ideal treatment for this is an enzyme peeling containing light fruit acids.

Step 2: Repair

The skin is a sensitive organ that deserves high quality treatments. Brightening serums are perfect for disappearing skin pigmentation, undesired freckles and blotchy skin tones. It is wise to pay attention to serum ingredients and choose only natural cosmetics.

Step 3: Care 

Skin regeneration works best when there is enough moisture. The skin cells need an extra serving of moisture. Products with aloe vera, vitamin A and vitamin E are recommended for best results. Masks or serums provide excellent freshness and elasticity. To lock in moisture, a nutrient concentrate combined with a Hyaluron serum is a real treat for thirsty skin to soak up.

Step 4: Nourish 

Not just the skin, but also your hair requires more intensive care in fall and winter. It is advisable to do a conditioning hair pack at least once a week. Let the ingredients absorb into the hair for 15 minutes. The results improve with heat, so one method is to wrap the hair in aluminum foil followed by towel wrapping the whole head. Some hair masks can be left in overnight.


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NATURAL COSMETICSSusanne Kaufmann @ ZillerSeasons

We exclusively use beneficial and effective Susanne Kaufmann products in the ZillerSeasons boutique spa. The decision to use her organic treats was a personal one. After testing the products on our skin, we were overwhelmed by a great sense of well-being, and we were hooked!

Susanne Kaufmann

Susanne Kaufmann

Susanne Kaufmann comes from the Bregenz Forest region, where the healing power of nature has been handed down for generations. Kaufmann works with pharmacists and dermatologists to create a modern line of beauty and wellness products. Her internationally known – made in Austria – skincare line of more than 60 products features highly active and organic ingredients.