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The Zillertal magic potion


The people of the Zillertal have access to a highly effective magic potion. Yep! You read that right - it really exists. And it actually bestows magical powers - you can ask anyone here in the valley! 

Precious masterwort is harvested in the spring before flowering or in autumn, because at this time, all the valuable juices are concentrated in the root. This valued plant can be found at elevations between 1500 and 2000 meters. It grows in half-shade in humid soil near streams or springs. Masterwort feels right at home in our region, the Zillertal, thanks to the primary rock; it is not a fan of chalky soil. 

This queen of medicinal plants is actually called eucedanum ostruthium and belongs to the family of umbellifers (Apiaceae). It is a perennial and herbaceous plant whose appearance is similar to that of angelica. The local, typically alpine climate is responsible for the formation of the many beneficial ingredients in this medicinal plant.

Farmers or professional distillers who produce this well-known and popular spirit often act as druids. 

If you want to find out more about this magnificent schnapps and experiences its aromas of celery, carrot, and pineapple and spend a cozy evening enjoying it, you shouldn't waste any more time and visit us. 

What's insideAgra acria

Reinhard's father Franz used to always keep a piece of this healing root with him in the jacket pocket of his hunting suit. Whenever his throat started to get scratchy when he was out and about in the wet, foggy autumn forest, he would chew on a piece of masterwort, and according to him, this would prevent worse inflammation of his throat. 


Before eating, masterwort stimulates the appetite, and as a digestif, it stimulates the flow of stomach, pancreas, and bile juices thus activating digestion. Like all agra acria, masterwort is good for nausea. This is due to the pungent and bitter substances it contains such as those found in the ginger root.  

The mental aspectsSubtle modes of action

Masterwort is considered a panacea for mind and body and is thus often called the "master of all roots". In order to protect themselves from negative energy and evil influences, people used to carry a part of the root with them as a good luck charm. So, the plant acted as a protective shield for mind and body, and it was believed that it successfully drove away witches and their magic. 


If you smoke masterwort, you will smell a slightly sweet, subtle, balsamic aroma. The soul of the plant is released so that the active ingredients are dispersed into the air and absorbed through our mucous membranes. This strengthens its aroma and soothing effect! 


Isn't that wonderful?

What you can make with itTips for preparation
  • Grating the root with a nutmeg grater over fatty foot makes the dish more digestible. 
  • For hay fever, drink a masterwort decoction made of masterwort harvested 2 months before flowering. Drinking small amounts throughout the day as a tea strengthens the mucous membranes. The decoction can be enjoyed for a maximum of 6 weeks. 
  • We especially love homemade masterwort salt. To make this, take the fresh leaves and grind them with salt in a mortar until they are dry again. This may take a while - and strengthen the upper arm muscles. 
  • Speaking of sports: as amateur athletes, we love plant-based masterwort doping. Drinking fresh water with lemon and masterwort salt after sports quinches thirst and replenishes the sodium content in the body.  


For legal reasons, we must point out: please clarify with your doctor beforehand if the recommendations are suitable for you. They are based on experience without a medical background. 

Christina Binder-Egger

Even in childhood, Christina Binder-Egger was out and about in nature with her Aunt Lisi. Early on, she learned about the local herbs, fruits, and mushrooms from her and fell in love with them. Christina is a trained herb instructor. Her knowledge forms the basis for Malis’ herb concept.